I was born and raised in Los Angeles and have lived in various parts of Southern California throughout my life. I now reside in beautiful San Diego and it’s easy to see how life in this diverse city has had a huge impact on my creative style.

I was educated at Coleman University and received my certification in Computer Graphic Arts in 2003. I began my career working for various small design firms and start-up companies that needed that extra push just as much as I did. Soon after, I found myself in an essential role of an entire marketing and branding strategy for one of San Diego’s leading business newspapers.

Eventually, my work and experience would take me to the big leagues. I became an in-house designer for one of the country’s largest financial services providers, a big player on Forbes Fortune 500.

I still dedicate some of my time to doing work for those small start-ups, and I continue to grow as a designer. I love my job and enjoy the work that I do. Professionally, I’m looking for a place to call home: to be an integral part of a team of designers with experience, creativity, and personality that can touch diverse industries.

I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished so far, but I am definitely looking forward to the road ahead.

Thanks for stopping by!

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